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I am Srimanta Ghosh, passion in information technology and a blogger. Writing has been my passion since very young age and so lately I have generated a lot of interest in blogging as well. For me selecting a topic for my blog was no heap of thoughts as I am more of a technology lover person than any other. Getting to know about different technologies and Marketing methodologies has always excited me and so blogging about it not only helps in widening my knowledge but also paves the way for my writing habit.

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In our blog ProTechMate.com, we write various topics like Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Android, How-To Guides and much other interesting stuff. Our blog main topics are:


Under this section, we provide the users with all types of tutorials and guides on how to do stuff like – How to Use Google Keyword Planner tool as an example. This section mainly covers all the tech related queries.


A blog is like a personal journal that is published on the internet and to do this is blogging. Under this section, we cover all the topics required to be able to do blogging like- How to find the domain name and register it, How to bring your blog to the attention of other users etc. We also tell the use of WordPress, a famous blog publishing tool widely used on the internet and also the Blogger, so that our user can become a pro in blogging.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the most powerful tool to get the website a higher search engine ranking, is the most valuable media marketing tool nowadays. We here provide all the information about this marketing methodology and also about the strategies to implement SEO. The knowledge about this tool is sure to help you in your business websites and will bring you close to the working of search engines.

Make Money Online

Many students as well as others want their spare time to be utilized in a productive way. For them, we bring many of the ways to earn money through the internet, providing them with best of part-time job offers from trusted sources.


Under this section, we provide all the current news and pieces of information related to android market like the new android update that is to come, its features, the new android mobiles to get launched and likewise other similar information. This section will keep you updated about all the latest news regarding Android.


Here we review the latest SEO Tools, Gadgets, Best Hosting Provider and provide our unbiased opinion about them so that it can help you to know about their facts and flaws more vividly.

Our team is also currently working on the sections like Social Media and Technology to add it to our blog.

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