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Windows 11: Features, Release date and Free Upgrade, everything you need to know

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After ages of waiting, Microsoft has finally announced the launch of the much-awaited Windows 11. People, especially techies, are thrilled with the news as this upgrade offers a whole new look and several upgrades. The last windows version, windows 10, was released about 6 years ago.

Windows 11 Features
Photo: Microsoft

Many of you out there would be wanting to know the Windows 11 price. Let me tell you, this new upgrade will be free for all compatible windows 10 devices. However, if you want to know the Windows 11 release date, we must tell you that you would have to wait till the end of the year for this upgrade.

The buzz is that Windows 11 features would be pretty different from the existing windows, which is why people are so excited about this new launch. The hype of the recent launch has been there for a while now. But now, since Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 launch themselves, we would now be able to piece together all of the information for you.

Windows 11 Release Date

The release of Windows 11 was much anticipated, but the official announcement by Microsoft has made it clear that the new Windows 11 release date would not be before the end of this year. The “What’s next for Windows” event brought in many highlights of this brand-new upgrade.

Before this announcement, the future of Windows OS was unsure and unclear. Many techies commonly believed that there would be an update, not an upgrade. This update would be to the previous Windows 10, codenamed Sun Valley. 

However, now you can expect a great upgrade that will offer you a whole new look with exciting features by November 2021. With sure-shot information of the upgrade rolling out in the holiday season, we can expect a windows 11 release date from the company itself in days to come.

Windows 11 Free Upgrade

We live in an era where we can get a hold of everything available before its release. Be it movies, series, and even pirated windows. Back in the day, when people used to purchase the upgraded versions of windows, people still managed to download them for free. Howerver, You can see the minimum system requirements of Windows 11. Microsoft has built an excellent tool, the PC Health Check app; with its help, you can check if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not.

However, this time, Microsoft does not want you to download it illegally and has hence, got it free for all Windows 10 users. So, when you talk about the Windows 11 Price, let me tell you, there isn’t any! It is for Free! But those who do not have Windows 10 would need to shell out some money to upgrade their PCs to Windows 11.

However, to get yourself the upgrade, you have to wait until November 2021, which means you’ve got to be very patient. As per experts, the beta version of the windows can roll out anytime next month. So, if you can’t wait, make sure to get your hands on that one.

Windows 11 Features

There is a lot to expect from the new Windows 11 Features. But some key features or changes that you might come across are:

  • A unique and centered Start Menu along with Taskbar.
  • A direct Widget access from the Taskbar.
  • An improving Xbox experience.
  • A Mac-like interface.
  • Tons of android integrated apps.

If you talk about other features, creators at Microsoft made it very clear that the whole Windows 11 experience will be unique and special in its way, as many new features will be introduced with the release.

The new Windows User Interface

A new change that all users might see is that the UI or the User Interface will change from top to bottom. With the release of Windows 11, a new look awaits you. The start button has shifted, the widgets are on the cards along with a whole new experience. 

The Start Menu and Task Bar

Windows 11 has a new look and feel that will be more attractive and user-friendly. Microsoft has now decided to change the look game by placing the start button right in the center. Pressing, which shows your recent files, documents, and applications. According to the user activity, you would now not be taken to a humungous list of applications; instead, you would be given a grid of select applications and recommended destinations.

PC Gaming is Getting Some of the Xbox’s Best Features

Windows is known for its gaming experience, which now Windows 11 will make bigger and better. This new release comes with some new features that are sure to make your gaming experience much better and improved.

Easy Touchscreen Accessibility

Earlier windows have not really been great when it comes to the touch screen. However, with the release of Windows 11, this problem would now be set to rest. Microsoft is now adding bigger touch targets that will enhance the touch game of the device.

Access to Android Apps

Users would now be able to access the android apps on their Windows 11, as the windows store is now the Microsoft store. This will be a much more enormous boon who are both android and windows users.

DirectStorage available on Windows 11

People often regard this decision of Microsoft to be a little controversial. However, the DirectStorage being available on this upgrade will excite the release even more. It has already been noticed that users won’t need to have the fastest PCIe 4.0 SSDs to gain the benefits of DirectStorage, as it will work with PCIe 3.0 SSDs. This DirectStorage feature will be great for all users who wish to store heavy files on the cloud. 

With the release of the new windows, a lot of upgrades are yet to be known and seen. Microsoft already has the actual power of windows, which is ubiquity. The windows 11 release date is yet to be announced. However, we can expect a rollout by October or November of this year. The new look, great features, and the free upgrade is creating enthusiasm, excitement, and exhilaration among windows lovers. 

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