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How to Get Sponsored Blog Posts?

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Around 8-10 years ago, blogging was a way to express views on something using an online platform called blog. But, nowadays, blogging is no less than a business, and bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Amit, Agrawal, and many more are earning huge income every month from their blog(s). They are earning their living through blogging.

It shows that blogging has the potential that you can tap to make money and earn a living online.


Like other business models, there are various ways you can make money using your blog. To name a few popular ones, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, CPM ads, Banner ads, Sponsored blog posts, etc.

Though all the earning ways are great and lucrative if you do things right, sponsored posting (also called paid postings) is very lucrative and fast way of making money online.

But, the question here is that how to get sponsored blog posts to start earning cash?

In this blog post, I am going to give you some tips that help you get sponsored posts for your blog.

Below are few things that you should do to get good sponsored post:


1. Make your blog look professional

Every advertiser wants to get his product featured on a blog that is professional and not a cluttered or cheap looking blog. Therefore, you should work out well on your blog’s look & feel, and arrangements of various items such as Menus, Footer, Sidebar, Header, Content area, etc.

When I say, make your blog look professional, you can consider these:

  1. Install a nice theme: If you are using WordPress, you can search for some professional looking theme for your blog. There are a huge number of free and premium themes available online. I would recommend you get a premium theme as they are well-coded, and they look elegant.This is crucial part because, without a great theme, you may not be able to give your blog a professional look.
  2. Optimize your blog’s sidebar well: Sidebar is an important part of a blog. You must not fill it with flashing ad banners and other stuff. Keep it clean and show only the important things out there which don’t affect the look.

2. Write Excellent Content

Design is something that attracts Advertiser’s attention on the first glance but what matters most for them is the content of your blog. If your articles are written well, more advertisers will be interested in getting their products featured on your blog. Getting links from the blogs that have good content over them looks more natural, and that is what Google loves.

Most of the good advertisers don’t want to get links from the blogs which have thin or plagiarized content.

Therefore, write killer articles for your blog, and impress the advertisers. Good articles also help you rank well on search engines, and that is one of the biggest factors that advertisers consider.

3. Do better SEO of your blog

Though SEO is not directly connected to it.But as I said above when you write good content you get good ranking in SERPs. So, why not write a great content keeping profitable keywords in mind, and then do some off page SEO to give a boost to the articles. These all help them rank well on Google.

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And remember, many advertisers first try searching related keywords to their product in Google to find out which blogs are ranking. Then, they choose the good ranking blogs for sponsored posting.

So, if your blog ranks well on Google and other search engines, there are chances that you get sponsored posts from various advertisers.

4. Improve your blog’s stats(DA, PA, Alexa)

Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Alexa Rank are a few stats many advertisers are taking into consideration while selecting blogs for paid posting. So, it is good if you work on improving these stats of your blog.

For improving DA and PA, you need good content and backlinks to your blog. For Alexa, you need good, engaging traffic.

Pro tip : Make sure you install Alexa extension on your browser because when a site gets opened in a browser that has Alexa extension, its Alexa improves. So, keeping this extension installed for your browser is good as you must be opening your own blog multiple times a day.

5. Join Marketplaces

There are many marketplaces for getting sponsored posts where advertisers and publishers meet and make the deal. SponsoredReviews.com, PayPerPost.com, SocialSpark.com, and PayU2blog.com, etc. are few good sites where you can list your blog to get sponsored blog posts for your blog.

6. Host your blogs on Different Servers

If you have multiple blogs for which you want sponsored posts, make sure you host them on different servers so that their c-class IPs will be different.

Advertisers mostly get links from the sites hosted on different servers so that they would be safe from Google.

7. Research and Reach Out

When a company starts promoting one of their products, they need multiple blogs. So, keep researching time to time by surfing different blogs in your niche to find out which products are recently reviewed on them. Also, when you see carefully, you will be able to figure out which posts are sponsored ones and which are regular ones.

This way, you can get a list of products and sites that are advertising themselves on various blogs. Now, make a list, and try to contact them by visiting their contact page or by some other ways.

This is not that easy but if you send emails to five advertisers a day probably you will get replies from one or two. Sometimes, you may get replies from all.

So, why not try out?

8. Ask your marketer Friends

There are many bloggers/marketers who work as a middleman between bloggers and advertisers. Try finding those friends or marketers, and give your site list to them, and tell them that if they get some sponsored post opportunities consider your list as well.

They will be happy to send offers because they keep their big commission with them for every deal. It is a win-win for both of you. However, when you get a direct advertiser, you get paid more. When a middleman approaches, you get comparatively less.

But, it’s all fair. You should not leave a single way of getting sponsored posts. So, try both.

Things to Remember While accepting Sponsored posts on your blog:

  1. Always accept those advertisers who are into your niche so that the posts will look natural and regular.
  2. Try convincing your advertisers for nofollow links as it helps you stay safe from Google’s unnatural outbound penalty. Even if you give out dofollow links, try linking them using random anchor text. Don’t use rich anchor text as that will be considered as link spam, and your blog will likely to get Penguin penalty.

Final Words

You can make a handful amount of money by sponsored posts. But, there is fierce competition already so you need to do the things mentioned above to get more advertisers. You can also implement some innovative ideas if something pops into your mind.

These are some basic things that help you get a good number of sponsored posts.

Share your views on this topic. I would love to hear your opinion.

Comments (12)

  • These are all helpful tips bro
    Having done so many of sponsored posts and having written so much about it, I can say your points are top. Targeted traffic is the main point

    Advertisers won’t pay until there is proof they have good ROI 😉

    • Hi Enstine Bro,

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Yes, Every bloggers should have engaging and targeted traffic to get sponsored posts. Otherwise, advertisers ignore those blogs.

  • Nice post, Srimanta.

    It’s very important to work on these things to get more sponsored posts. Work on everything that advertisers look for and you will many such offers.

    • Thank you Atish bro, for your valuable feedback.

      Yes, You are right! These are necessary things to get sponsored posts on any site. Because, every advertiser looking for best return on investment(ROI).

  • One of the best SEO techniques that can help you gain traffic to your site is through sponsored post. This may be something that you could benefit from however be sure to use websites that do not exclusively depend on upon this form of advertising for their revenues.

    • Hi Deynne,

      Thanks for stopping by! SEO is the best way to get organic traffic to any site.

  • Hi Srimanta,

    Useful tip indeed. I tried to sign up for those sites but never got any paid post. May be my site is not good enough. Can you provide me what to do next?

    • Hi Dev,

      First of all, Improve your site’s search ranking to get organic traffic, do some necessary SEO. Also, It depends on your site’s stats like DA,PA,Alexa. And, You have a chance to get sponsored blogpost by joining those sites which I mentioned here.

  • Hi Srimanta,
    Nice to read yet another informative post today.
    I am so glad to read some of the wonderful tips you mentioned in this post in relation to paid posts.
    Yes, the clean look of our pages can surely attract customers.
    Thanks for other tips too
    In fact, I am yet to implement some of them on my page.
    I am bookmarking it for my further application
    Thank you so much
    Have a wonderful week ahead
    ~ Philip

    • Hello P V Ariel,

      Thanks for your valuable comment! Yes, You’re right. Clean looks add more value of your blog. Thanks again for bookmarking my blog, Keep visiting to get more updates.

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