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GetResponse – Best Email Marketing Tool

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Review of: GetResponse

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On June 1, 2016
Last modified:August 12, 2018


GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tool for bloggers which comes with free guides and will help all the newbies in getting started with email marketing. If you haven’t used this tool till now and are planning to use in near future, you can have a look at our review of GetResponse.

Are you looking for an excellent tool to manage your collected emails? Do remember this; a perfect tool is necessary to manage your email marketing campaigns to attract the new customers and to satisfy the existing customers as well. Email marketing is nothing but collecting emails from your trusted visitors and intimating them about the new updates, product details, etc. at regular intervals. Having a good email list benefits you in several ways, and so we are here to know about the best email marketing tool i.e. GetResponse. So, let’s throw some light on GetResponse Review.

GetResponse Review

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool which manages your collected list of emails for promotional and business purposes. The tool itself creates the top class professional emails and even allows you to create tempting landing pages and much more to attract visitors. I hope there is nothing wrong on investing such kind of tool as it helps increase your sales to a good extent. Let’s have a deep look through its features and remember to thank me via the comment section.


Features of GetResponse:

GetResponse comes with all the essential features which are required in a good email marketing tool. The professional email marketing tool will allow you to send mails to your subscribers and convert your subscribers into customers. Before we tell you more about this tool, let’s have a look at the features which you are going to get in this tool.

Newsletter Templates

GetResponse Newsletter Templates


Look of the newsletter plays an important role as it helps attract people towards itself. GetResponse offers hundreds of stylish templates which can be used for all kind of marketing purposes. OK! If the existed templates are not  Much attractive, you can go with the simple drag and drop option. Though you don’t need coding skills to drag and drop to design an attractive newsletter, if you are good at coding you can create awesome templates for yourself using HTML.

Landing Pages


If you have been surfing the web a lot, you might know about the landing pages. Landing page is a just like a normal page of a website or blog where you want people to land on. And, that is why in email newsletters, marketers include the link of landing page for better conversion.

GetResponse provides a pack of tools which you can use to create great looking landing pages with the ability of better conversion. You can simply design attractive landing pages as you just need to drag and drop to design.

Creating a new landing page :

Import contacts

So you had a well-designed template and landing page, what about the contacts? GetResponse has a simple set of tools which are used to import the contacts from various forms and sheets as well. For example, if you have a list of contacts in a spreadsheet, Text file, etc. You can use GetResponse’s import contacts feature to import you to your list. Contacts which are stored on several online services can also be automatically listed by the tool. Moreover, you are even allowed to copy paste a long list of contacts which are to be uploaded.


Long lists of emails and contacts can be managed effectively only with the help of clean dashboard and interface. Dashboards, email editors and analytical charts are the major tools which must be included within the design of the tools. GetResponse uses large font size, and they make perfect use of white spaces to reduce the eye strain for the customer. It not only impresses with the design but also offers overall good user experience.

Email Analytics

GetResponse offers detailed reports and analytics. With the help of this tool you will be able to find out the open rate, unsubscribe rate, click through and much more. Along with these features you also get one click segmentation which will help you in finding out the people who did not read the newsletter which you sent. You can select all these subscribers and put them in a special list and send a new newsletter again.


The metrics over time feature will allow you to find out when the subscribers are taking action of the emails. This will help you in planning the time when you should send the newsletters to your subscribers. Use the tracking code which you received under the Email ROI tab as it will help you in finding out if the campaigns were effective and driving sales or not.

Time-saving email previews

This is the most advanced feature from the GetResponse. The preview tool provides you the screenshots of your email exactly as it appears in most of the of the email services including Gmail. Without the inbox preview, there is a possibility that you miss some important things. It is one of the best features of GetResponse.

GetResponse Autoresponder

GetResponse Autoresponder

Autoresponder is the most important feature of any email marketing software because you don’t always remember to which customer you have to send reminder email or something else. And, even you cannot be available all the time to send emails instantly when some action is made.

Autoresponder allows you to set actions and set emails as per them. For example, if someone subscribes newsletter, you can send some welcome email or something else. But, as you cannot be available all the time to keep emailing to all the new subscribers. In such situation, just create an email template and set it to be sent to the users after they subscribe. And, this will be done automatically.

That is the reason Autoresponder is very important when you are working on email marketing.

Split Testing

Split Testing of GetResponse

This is something interesting about GetResponse as it allows you to create 5 different email versions for one campaign that you can send to your subscribers. Once the campaign ends, you can analyse the analytics and you will be able to find out which version performed the best. So, that from next time you can follow that to increase your email marketing campaign’s performance.


You will get phone, email, and live chat support from GetResponse. Along with all these options, there are plenty of resources and tutorials available which will help you in easing up the entire process. You can live chat with the support team 24/7 and get all your queries solved in no time.

Pricing Plan of GetResponse

This might be the only thing which confuses you with GetResponse. It has four pricing plans named email, pro, max, and enterprise. Each plan is subdivided into seven stages, and each stage is of different price. You can check out the complete information about pricing at the official website. Here is a screenshot which displays about the pricing plans.



For those who think about the price, just go through the features of the tool. The price may be about high to begin, but it’s completely worth to do so. A small investment in a good email marketing tool can bring you loads of traffic and bags of dollars.

Don’t wait to enter into the awesome world of Email Marketing. Choose GetResponse and enjoy.

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  • GetResponse sounds interesting. Does it work equally good for bloggers?

    • Yes! It’s also a good email marketing tool for bloggers.

      • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll see for myself if GetResponse is as good.


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