How To Make Money Online With Google

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There are countless options to make money online, and that is the reason many people are moving towards online entrepreneurship. It gives them freedom to work on their own conditions and comfort, and there are endless opportunities as well.

When it comes to online earning, Google always gets a mention because it has so many products that help you make money from your online business and even from the blogs you write.

Make Money Online With Google

Yes, for a blogger, Google’ AdSense program is the best PPC advertising program to earn money from the blog. There are many ways Google helps you make money, and AdSense is one of those ways.

In this blog post, I will share few ways to make money from Google.


Blogger.com is a free blogging platform offered by Google. You can simply create a blog, and start blogging. Everything is free!


You can make a good blog by writing excellent content. You can do better SEO of your content on the blog to get more traffic. Once you start getting traffic, you can monetize your blog with Affiliate links, Google Adsense, and other advertising programs to make money.

Without any monetary investment, you get a free blog which you can monetize and to earn money online.

Isn’t it a cool offer from Google?

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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is basically a PPC ad program offered by Google that you can use to monetize your blogs and earn money. There are many bloggers who are solely dependent on the earning they get from Google Adsense, which says all about Adsense potential.

Google Adsense

You can monetize your blog, YouTube Videos, and other publishing websites with Adsense to make money online with Google.

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YouTube is again a service offered by Google, which we all use to watch various videos be it funny videos, tutorial videos, or songs, etc.


You can create your own videos and upload to YouTube as well. And, if your Videos are not plagiarized, you can monetize with Hosted Adsense as well. You just need to go to Your YouTube’s channel setting and turn on the Monetization.


Google Adwords is for advertisers not for publishers. So, how you make money with it?

You don’t directly make money with it, but indirectly it does help you a lot to earn money online.

When you have an online business, you would love to get your business in the top positions on Google because if it happens, you get better business. But, it’s not easy to grab the top positions on Google. Therefore, Google offers Adwords which you can use to create adverts that will show up in Google search as Sponsored ads. You must have seen ads on search pages of Google at the top and bottom mostly.

google adwords

As you can see, when I search “SEO Training” ads are displaying on the Google search page. You can do the same by investing some money in Adwords. When you create ads, and they show up on pages, you are charged per click.

Though you have to spend money on advertising, you get great business as well. So, Adwords does help you make more money online and also improve your business reach.


Most of us use Android Smartphones, and we use to install various apps as well. You must have seen ads that keep coming when you use some apps. Those are the apps that earn money for the app developer.

You can also create some good Android apps and list them on Google Play. Once the number of installs increases, you can monetize the apps with various ad programs such AdMobs and others. As the usage of your apps increases, you earn money through those ads.


Google is one of the top companies online which have countless products. There are many products that we can use to make money as I mentioned above. I have mentioned only those that I am familiar with. I am sure there might be many more ways to make money with Google.

If you haven’t tried these, then give them a try. If you are a blogger and have a blog, you must try Google Adsense. If you are interested in creating videos, try YouTube.

Believe me, if you work hard, you can earn a living online.

Share your views in comments.

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  • Useful and practical tips. I liked that you have mentioned hard work….that’s the primary thing. Thanks for the informative article… 🙂


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