Best Way To Increase Alexa Traffic Ranking

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There are many ways advertisers and other people judge a website or a blog. And, Alexa Ranking is one of those ways. Though I am not a fan of it, I still care about it because advertisers do keep Alexa ranking of a site into consideration before they finalize any advertisement deal.

Alexa Rank is generally the traffic rank of a website, so more the traffic and engagement will be on your site, more it will increase. However, there are certain things you can do to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking even faster.

Way To Increase Alexa Traffic Ranking

Today, I am here to share a few great ways to boost up your blog’s Alexa traffic ranking. So, let’s look at those ways below:

1. Consistently write and post articles on your blog

Consistency is very important when you think of improving Alexa of your blog. If you post articles on long gaps, your Alexa rank won’t improve faster. In fact, it will go worse.

It’s very important to keep posting articles regularly. The basic logic behind regular posting is when you post every day; you keep getting new visits every day.  Suppose your blog is new, and you don’t have much organic traffic to your blog yet.And, you get traffic mostly from blog comments, and social promotion, then if you don’t have new articles how can you get traffic? So, regular posting is indeed important.

Even if you start getting organic traffic, keep the posting schedule consistent as it always sends you some extra traffic to your blog, and that too is quite targeted.

It really helps to boost your site’s Alexa quickly.

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2. Install Alexa Toolbar in your browser

When a visitor who has Alexa toolbar installed in his browser, visits your blog, it really helps in boosting the Alexa ranking. Therefore, you must consider installing the same for your browsers as well. Because you must be visiting your blog more often, so when you visit your blog while the Alexa toolbar installed, it really helps in improving the Alexa rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank

So, install the Alexa Toolbar today here.

3. Add Alexa Rank Widget on your blog

Installing Alexa widget on your blog gives a good boost in improving Alexa traffic ranking of your website. It is not a big task at all. You just use this code given below, and replace mysite.com with your own domain, and place the code in your site’s code.

<a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/mysite.com“><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/s/a?url=mysite.com“></script></a>

Here is the Alexa Rank of ProTechMate.com

It’s a simple yet effective way to improve Alexa. You must not wait to implement this on your blog.

4. Social Sharing

I already recommended you to write content consistently on your blog. You must promote your blog posts as much as you can. Since social media is a great place where everyone nowadays hangs out online, share all of your posts on your social profiles. When you share everywhere, you will get traffic from random people every day, and it is really helpful in boosting Alexa rank of your blog.

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Facebook, Twitter, and Stumbleupon are a few social sites you should mainly target. However, there are various other such sites as well that you should check out. While promoting on FB, try various groups for posting your post links as well.

5. Do Guest Posting and Blog Commenting

Guest posting and blog commenting are the best ways to get some targeted traffic to your blog, and such traffic spends more time the site as well which is really helpful when it comes to boosting Alexa ranking of the blog or website.

6. Do SEO of Your Blog

Make sure you do better SEO of your each blog posts and build some good links to try for getting the search ranking on the first page.

If your posts are well SEOed, those are likely to get better ranking on SERP, and when it happens, you get natural organic traffic in huge numbers. And since Alexa is based on traffic, it really helps you improve your Alexa rank faster.

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Pro Tip =>Write a few articles related to Alexa itself because there will be chances that you get traffic from those people who already know about Alexa, and have installed its toolbar in their browser. This can be really a big boost to your blog’s Alexa Ranking.

Final Words

To be honest, I don’t trust Alexa much, but since most of the people and advertisers consider it, I too have to work to improve it. These are a few ways you can try out to improve your Alexa ranking.

I would like to hear from you whether you trust Alexa or not? If yes, what are the ways you are implementing to improve? Share your views on Alexa Ranking in comments.

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