Pros and Cons of Satellite TV

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In the early days, watching more channels apart from Doordarshan like Zee, Sony, Star, and others, cable connection was needed and that was the only way to watch those channels. Later came Satellite TV, which comes a long way now, and being used by most of the people nowadays for watching these paid channels in India.

By getting Dish TV, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, etc., you can enjoy Satellite TV service. I have installed Dish TV at my home and enjoy the HD quality on all the channels.

Pros and Cons of Satellite TV

Though it’s great to enjoy satellite TV at your home, there are many things about them that may irritate you at times. Keeping all the things in mind, I have made a list of Pros and Cons of Satellite TV.

So, without any further delay, check out the Pros and Cons of Satellite TV below:

Pros of Satellite TV


Cable TV can never beat the quality that you get from Satellite TV. No matter how big your TV screen is, you will always get the HD quality in which pixels look sharp.

However, you can enjoy the normal quality with Satellite TV as HD quality is optional. You can subscribe the HD channels if you have got a large screen TV.


Satellite TV can be accessible in remote areas where you cannot find cable connections.This is the biggest benefit I see because if there is no cable connection in your village, you may not be able to access the paid channels but due to Satellite TV service, you can access them anywhere.


When we use a cable connection, we need to pay a fixed amount to them and no matter what channels are included. But, when you use Satellite TV, you have the option to choose your favorite channels and pay only for them.

This way, you spend money on only those channels that you watch. This is cost saving benefit of Satellite TV.

Cons of Satellite TV

Interrupted signals in rainy and stormy weather

The super bad thing of Satellite TV service is that the signals don’t stay consistent in stormy and rainy weather. You will get either poor signals or no signals at all.

You never know when rain or storm comes, and you miss your favorite match or daily soap on TV.

However, it is not guaranteed that you will get poor signals in rainy weather because I have noticed many times even in the rain the signals are stable. But, this is the issue most of the users complain about.


If you are living in a home owned by you, then this con won’t affect you because you need to install the whole setup once. But, if you are living on rent, and you have to shift frequently, the installation will irritate you because many times, your landlord won’t allow you to install the antenna. However, that is not the usual case, but it does happen sometimes.

Whenever you move from one place to another, you have to file a shifting request, and get it shifted to a new place, and you will have to pay for the shifting.

Final Words

Satellite TV is what everyone is using nowadays because of the better quality and reach. In my village, you won’t see people using cable connection which was common 6 years ago. But, now everyone uses satellite TV because of the quality and no tension of wire problems that happen usually.

I am using Dish TV to enjoy the satellite TV service at my home, and I can say that it is the best thing I have done because a few years ago when I was using cable connection, I used to have disturbance many times due to some cuts in wires in the nearby area and other stuff. And, even after asking the cable guys to fix, they used to fix the issue in 4-5 days. But, when I get any issue in my Dish TV, I file complain online, and they make sure that my issues are fixed in less than 24 hours.

Satellite TV is the best in my opinion. However, I have shared both Pros and Cons, so that you can have better insights about it.

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