[Tested] Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Devices

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Looking for best apps for root android devices such as smartphones and tablets of 2016? If yes, then you landed at right place. Because today we are going to discuss about some of the best apps for rooted android Smartphone and tablets to use in 2016.


Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup may be a long term mainstay at the top of the many root lists and this one isn’t any totally different. ROM flashers have sworn by this app for years and it should all right be the foremost widespread and frequently suggested root app of all time. If you’ve got root, go grasp instantly. Root life simply isn’t constant while not it.



Tasker powerful application will build your phone do just about something whenever you wish it to. It’s an obscure clarification however pertinent as a result of it will very build your phone do nearly something. therefore here’s however it works. You produce a task or a scene, then you outline what those tasks and scenes do. It’s highly suggested to scan the net FAQs before trying as a result of there’s a steep learning curve concerned. A fun use for this app is using the Tasker add-on that some NFC apps need to create your NFC tags do stuff you created in Tasker.



SuperSU by Chain fire is that the actual Superuser application on the market. Most root strategies have you ever putting in this app anyway therefore most new root users have already got it. It’s a solid app and works nice to be that front entrance to root access on your device.



SDFix could be a system modifier tool that helps those running Kit kat and Lollipop overcome the horrendous locked-down SD card drawback. It’s additionally absurdly simple to use. Open it, hit go, wait a couple of seconds, so uninstall the app.


Root Explorer

Root explorer uses root access that can be used for a vital task. There are an excess of activities that need you searching through the system elements of your device and Root individual helps you are doing it while not being involved. it’s a clean interface, many options, and is one amongst those essential tools for all root users.


ROM Toolbox Pro

This is one amongst the only a few all-in-one solutions for root users. it’s a bunch of options that every one root users may notice helpful and it’s even designed with android in mind. meaning all you #holoyolo fans can appreciate it. There are just too several things this app will do and that we solely have a restricted time here and it even comes with an in-built root enabled file browser. Count within the stuff for additional advanced users like kernel tweaks, and you’ve got a valuable app for any root user.


Quick Boot

Quick Boot is an app that’s each absurdly straightforward however absurdly helpful. In most versions of android, you simply get the choice to power down your device or revive (sometimes you’ll hot reboot). With fast revive, you’ll revive into bootloader, recovery, or transfer mode. However it’s plenty easier than closing down your device, holding the desired buttons, and rebooting once more. It’s a requirement have and also the free version works simply fine.



Greenify quickly climbed the list collectively of these essential root apps and tells us  which ones are running, which of them run, however often, and the way over and over each wakes up your device. using this data, you’ll hibernate apps to stop them from running  and it seems to be the only app that stops Facebook from rousing your phone 700+ times per day and it’s all free.



Next up is that the official app for matter.im known as GooManager. This app could be a technique price tag to transfer and install something you’ll realize on goo.im. it’s a simple to use interface and may  assist you realize plenty of files that you just may otherwise have to be compelled to Google Search to search out. Some examples embrace ROM and Gapps downloads for your device. you’ll additionally use it to put in TWRP Recovery if you wish a custom recovery, and use the interface to revive to recovery or flash ROMs while not using the recovery.


Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework has replaced putting in ROMs for several because the default root expertise. Modules are created within the framework by several developers that do numerous things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Modules are often a shade tough to seek out generally looking on your device however there are many universal ones that you just will use and luxuriate in. The button below can take you to the XDA thread wherever you’ll transfer it.


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