Best Android Apps for Indian Users

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Ever since Android OS is launched for smartphones, it puts all other mobile operating systems on the back foot. People love Android-powered phones as they are not costly as compared to iOS devices, and also there is a huge number of apps available for free to use.

If you have been a mobile freak, you must have noticed that their apps for almost everything. Everything is becoming very easy due to these apps.We can access to everything on the go and in much easier way. Earlier, if we want to check out news online, we needed to open news websites by typing news site URL on our mobile browser. But, now, just install the apps of news sites, and whenever you want to look at the news, just tap the app. Even if you set notifications, you will keep getting news notifications as and when they are added to the site.

Best Android Apps

Since, Android apps are so important for every human being regardless of locations, I thought to narrow down my topic, and write about the best apps for Indians specifically.

Below are the 6 best Android Apps for Indian Users


Music relaxes our mind. At least I feel relaxed when I listen to songs, and I believe most of us feel relaxed when we listen to our favorite music. Gone are the days when we used to download songs, and store in our memory card to listen. Whenever, new songs are released, we needed to download and store. But, nowadays there are apps which you can just install and access to songs whenever you want.

Saavn Music App

Saavn is one such music app that is developed primarily for Indian music lovers. Install it, and you can access to almost all Indian songs be it Hindi, Bhangra, Punjabi, Ghazals, or even bhajans. English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Kannada and many more language songs are available on Saavn.

You can also create your own playlist to keep your most favorite songs on the list to get them quickly whenever you want to listen to them.

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Songs are even categorized with artist names which make it easier for us to find songs from one singer on one page. For example, I love Mohammad Rafi’s songs, so I can open his page that has a list of all movie songs by him.

In short, Saavn is the best music app for Indians.

Times of India

is one of the leading Newspapers of India. If you are not a fond of reading the hard copy of the newspaper, you don’t need to worry because Times of India has its Android app as well which you can install on your smartphone, and stay updated with the latest news on the go.

Times of India App

If you are the person who wants to stay updated with all the happenings of our country, TOI app is the must use app for you.

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In my opinion, it is the best Newspaper app for Indian users. When there was no app for it, I used to read the hard copy of it on an everyday basis.

Dailyhunt (NewsHunt) News

NewsHunt is not Dailyhunt, and it is a news app that provides the latest news from the leading Indian newspapers. It offers news in many languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, English, Bangla, Gujrati, Urdu, etc.


All type of Latest news updates are covered in this app from sports, business, entertainment, politics, tech, automobile, etc.

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The Interface of the app is quite user-friendly. There are millions of users already using this app.


JustDial is a local search engine of India to find out almost everything. Whenever I want to search anything, I go to their site and find. If not, I call them, and they solve my queries. Now, they have an app for their services too. And, this app is one of the best and important apps for Indian users.


You can search anything, anytime and anywhere. In fact, you can do online shopping and buy from shops around you as well using JustDial app.


We Indians love to watch cinemas in Theater. You can book tickets using BookMyShow app. Not only movies, but you can also book tickets for events, games, concerts, and other happenings around your city.

BookMyShow Android App

When you book tickets for a movie, you can read live reviews from other users who have watched the movie already.

This app is a must have app for every Indian user who loves to hangout.


Flipkart is India’s biggest online marketplace where you can shop almost everything online. This is a must have app on your phone so that when you decide to buy something, just tap the app, and order it online. I have just ordered my next smartphone from Flipkart.

Flipkart Android APP

Final Words

Ever since smartphone and various apps have come into our life, we became lazy, and we love to do things while sitting online.

These 6 apps mentioned in this article can be used for various purposes just by tapping on your phone.

If you are an Indian, You might want to install all of these apps.

So, these 6 Android apps I think are the best for Indian users. However, I would like to hear your opinion too.

Any other apps in your mind? Please share in the comments.

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