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How To Boost Your Social Media Presence

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Whether you blog or run a business online, you need social media to market yourself or your business. It is important because promoting your business is beneficial if you promote it where people hang out. And, social media is one such place where almost all internet users spend their good amount of time. Paymetoo offers various best-quality services to boost up your brand’s visibility on social media platforms.

But, just being on all social media and keep posting about your products are simply not enough. You need to put extra efforts to boost your social media presence because once your presence is good; people take your updates seriously. Otherwise, there is a long list of brands and people who keep posting various stuff every hour, and people don’t give a damn to them until and unless those posts have some value.

Boost Your Social Media

In this post, I am going to share a few tips to boost your social media presence.


The very first thing I would suggest you to be consistent with your social profiles. Update them regularly with posts, reply to queries, and do other activities that are required.

If you are not consistent, your profiles will not come into the attention of most of the audience online, and that’s where you lack. Therefore, being consistent is the first and foremost important thing to boost your social media presence.

Post Valuable Content

You are already posting valuable content on your blog which is indeed the best thing you can do. But, you must post valuable and attention-grabbing content on your social profiles as well.

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It is important because everyone wants something new, fresh, and valuable. Just posting the content that everyone is posting won’t give your social profiles a good boost. So, make sure you post quality stuff on all of your social handles.

Engage With Audience

Just posting content is not enough. You need to engage with audiences. Whenever required. At times, they may leave messages or comments on your profiles then you must respond to them ASAP.

For example, when you go to the Olacabs’ Facebook page, you can see they reply to everyone’s comment wherever required. This is how engagement increases.

Engage With Audience

Since they reply to queries, anyone when gets into some issues, post on their FB page, and they try to respond with some solutions.

Don’t fear about negative comments; just respond them with a positive attitude.

Make use of Hashtags

Almost everyone uses hashtags in their status updates to reach more people. And, it is indeed a very good idea to better your posts’ reach on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ specifically. Therefore, always try to use the popular hashtags which are relevant to what you are posting.

But, don’t add hash to every word in your post as it will look spammy.

This will increase the reach, and hence more audience you will get to your profiles.

Give people reasons to like you

If you want people to like your social pages, you have to provide them with the reasons to like those. Without benefit, no one will be going to like your social pages. Therefore, do something that offers more value and users’ benefits. Then you can see your social profile pages growing at rapid rate.

Ask for Feedback

If your page is about your business, you can ask your customers to give their feedback on the page which will help you to fix the issues of your business, and you can interact with them as well to share ideas as to what issues they are getting, and what they are expecting.

This way, not only you improve your business as per customers’ requirements but, you also increase the engagement on your social profiles.This will also help you understand the needs of the audience and your customers.

Link your social profiles to your website/blog

Most of us always link our blog/website on our social profiles so that we can get some extra visits, and also people will know about the site.

In a similar fashion, you must add your social profile links on your site as well so that your visitors will know about your profiles, and most likely they would connect with you there as well if they are regular visitors of your site.         

Plan a good social media strategy

Working with a plan and a strategy has its own benefits. You can make a plan for the whole month, and work accordingly. It is result oriented because when you have a plan you work on it. Without a plan, you may feel lazy to work. Also, when you make the strategy and plan, you must research a lot, and analyze what works well and what not. Accordingly, finalize the strategy and plan.

Posting time

The main work on social profiles is posting. You must analyze which timings or durations you get better engagement on your posts and accordingly, plan your postings.

Hubspot has an article about the best timing to post on social media sites which is a must read for every social media marketer.


Social Media is something that you cannot ignore if you work online because it has massive audience base and that is what business needs. To be specific, you must work more on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. If your business is fashion related, Pinterest will work great for you. However, you should work on every social media to get the most out of it. But these are crucial ones.

Above mentioned tips are some interesting ones that you can make use of and boost your social media presence to get benefits.

Over to you!

Share your ideas for boosting social media presence.

Did you use any of the methods already? Did it work out well?

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  • While all the steps are very important, I think the most important is the last one. Even if you take the time to connect with your friends and followers, if you are not adding anything worthy to the conversation, people won’t be flocking to you. Creating good quality posts may take some time but the number of shares it would get in the future would be oh so worth it!

  • Hi Art,

    Thanks for the awesome feedback.


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