How to use Voice Calling Feature of Whatsapp?

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Whatsapp is the best and most used instant messaging app for a smartphone. It syncs with your phone contacts, and you can easily send IMs to those contacts who are already on Whatsapp.

Ever since I came to know about this app, I have been using it every day, and now it has become a part of my life. Not only me, but billions of people are using it already.

Since it was beating every messenger services online, Facebook bought it for whooping $19 Billion to kill the competition, and now it is a part of Facebook.

Voice Calling Feature of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is already used for text messaging, and the company has launched voice calling feature which was surely a great move. You can make voice calls to other Whatsapp users. No extra cost. It just uses some extra MBs of your Internet plan. It works the best when you are using Wifi internet or 3G or 4G. On 2G or dial-up connections, you might get some problem while calling.

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In this post, I am going to walk you through the steps that you need to activate the voice calling feature of Whatsapp on your Smartphone.

Two mobile operating systems are used worldwide by most of the smartphone users which are Android and iOS. Android is a Google product whereas iOS is Apple product. Both are big brands, and they are excellent in their own ways. I am going to talk about the steps to enable voice calling feature of Whatsapp for Android and iOS separately.

How to Active and use the voice calling feature of Whatsapp on Android Phone?

Today I am just updating this article, but when I wrote it first, voice calling was not available for everyone rather you get it when someone invites you to use it.

First thing is, you have to use Android 5.0 or further versions in order to use the voice calling feature on Google Nexus. However, if you are using Android 2.1 on other Android phones with Android KitKator further version, you can still use this feature.

Second thing, you must have installed the latest version of Whatsapp on your Android smartphone.

Once you installed the latest Whatsapp, you will have the feature installed on your phone. But, you still need to get invited by someone who is already using the voice call feature because the feature is on invite basis. Find such person, and ask him to call you once using Whatsapp voice calling option, once he will call, voice calling of Whatsapp will be activated on your phone automatically.

To use this feature, open Whatsapp on your phone you just need to open the chat for any user and you can just click on the call button, and the call will be sent.


And to see all call logs; you can just tap on call tab. If you don’t have Voice calling featured enabled, you can only see the two Tabs;Calls tab won’t be there.

whatsapp voice calling (2)

How to Enable Voice calling feature of Whatsapp on iOS?

First of all, you need to install  Whatsapp Beta version on your iOS smartphone. Download it here.

whatsapp voice calling (3)

Now you need to add iMokholes repo to the list of Cydia Source. You can add iMokholes repo to Cydia source list by visiting this link.

Now, you have added the repo; install the Whatsapp call enabler which you will get in Cydia settings.

Now, find a friend who is already using the voice call feature, and ask him to call you. Once he calls you, you get voice call feature of Whatsapp activated on your iOS smartphone.

Using the voice calling feature is quite similar to Android.


There are voices calling apps already in the market like Skype, Line, Hike, Viber, etc. But, this is something new for Whatsapp which is the most used app on the list of chat messengers.

Now, I think you can easily activate and use voice calling feature on your smartphone without much hassle.

If you are still not able to activate or use voice calling feature of Whatsapp on your smartphone, please post comment in the comment section, and we will try to help you out with some solution.

Enjoy the new feature by calling your friends!

Do it! It’s fun calling in whole different way.


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