5 Mistakes to avoid to become a successful blogger

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We know that we learn from our own mistakes. If you are starting your business you need to take care of some things so that your profits don’t turn into losses. If you are a blogger you need to make sure you are keeping a few things in mind if you want to become a successful blogger. If you have just started your blogging career make sure you avoid these 5 mistakes in order to become a successfully blogger with outstanding blog.


Use a Premium domain

This is most common mistake made by most of the bloggers. A lot of new bloggers go for a free domain with bad extensions instead of spending couple of bucks. The first step to become a successful blogger is to buy a premium domain. Even if you go for a free domain for your blog you will get limited functions which you can use, whereas you can buy a premium domain for around $10 or the best option is go for hosting provider which provides free domain name on its hosting packages.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. Be it your business, your job or your blog, one should stay focused and regular with their work. One of the most important things in a blog is content which you post on it. You should regularly update posts with amazing content so that you can keep the readers of your blog engaged. If you are posting regularly on your blog you will definitely get good readers who would like to read the content shared by you. In order to become a successful blogger avoid irregular posting.

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A lot of bloggers fill the entire website with advertisements so that they can make money with them. This is one of the biggest mistakes which will lead to failure of your blog. Your primary aim should be to grab readers for your blog, get as much as traffic you can during the initial times. If you fill your entire website with advertisement banners, pop-ups no one would like to visit your website again. Once you start getting decent traffic and have maintained a strong readership you should place limited number of advertisements at the best possible locations. You can use revenue programs like Google AdSense.


You should have complete knowledge about the niche you are choosing for your blog. A common mistake which all most people do is they read the success stories of other bloggers, how much profit they have gained in particular niche and start working on the same niche even if they have no knowledge about it. Just think of it, if you are not having knowledge about a particular topic how are you supposed to create a full blog on it. It will take you hours to write a good detailed post and thus you will end up giving up on your blog. You should be specific about your niche and should have complete knowledge of it.

Giving up Early

Never Give up. It take months, years for blogs to start getting massive traffic. While you are blogging you should keep in mind that you will never give up under any circumstances. If you are targeting the audience properly there will a time come when you will start getting traffic and your blog will start generating revenue. One needs to put a lot of effort and needs to have patience for better blog.

These are the common mistakes which ever new blogger makes. Avoid these mistakes if you want to become a successful blogger and stand one step ahead.

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