Kuik Adware – A Simplistic Dangerous Adware On Your System

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There are a few viruses and malware that appear to be too simple and easy. However, getting rid of them can be a pain in the neck. They can begin getting on your nerves, and you would want to get rid of the issues created by the adware. This is true of the Kuik adware that we would be discussing here.


It masks itself as an Adobe Flash Player program and thus does harm your computer programs. The virus comes with three modules. The three modules that it manifests itself would include Adobe Flash Player, an executable file and a certificate that looks quite less harmful. As soon as the system makes an entry into your system, it would create a new DNS and creates a new network interface.

Once it has established itself, the malware collects the personal information on your device along with the user activity and sends it to the host service. On receiving the data from the adware, the hosting domain activates a lot of malware activities on your system. These malware applications would include Chrome extensions and coin miner applications. Most of the malware activities would disguise themselves as a genuine application, and finding them would not be an easy task as such.

The malware can even add up its own certificate on the machine. Thus it would be able to mask itself as the legitimate application and can bypass the antivirus and firewall security system in place on your device.

The right options to prevent it or perhaps get rid of the adware would be opt for a reliable and secure malware fighter like ZoneAlarm which take extreme care to safeguard your system against malware and adware attacks. These anti-malware tools detect and analyze all the illegal and suspicious activities on your computer.

They also have access to an updated database that takes care of the malware that has been identified by the antivirus solutions and prevents them from affecting your computer. They can detect and decrypt the encrypted files right away to neutralize the effects of the malware like Kuik adware.

The features like file protection, PC shield, and automatic file restoration can be a few options that these tools can offer you, thereby enhancing the level of your PC security. These malware fighters are equally effective against the attack from ransomware. The ability of the tools to decrypt the files encrypted by the ransomware viruses makes them the best protectors against any sort of viruses and unwanted applications.

Some other prevention options that can help you get rid of the adware can include making sure that your antivirus and other applications are up to date and following safer browsing habits. Avoid opening the email attachments that come from undetected and unexpected sources.

In fact, there are chances that the suspicious emails can also be coming from the addresses in your contact list, but if you feel that you should not have got a particular attachment, never open it. Who knows – your contacts may have an infected machine, and the email is an attempt by the adware and malware to spread itself.

Never let an application to run from App Data or Temp folders. This is an area that most of the malware applications tend to inject themselves into a new victim. Ensuring that you are regularly backing up and updating your system would be an added advantage. Always opt for an authentic and genuine antivirus solution. Opting for a free antivirus solution may not be a good idea. Remember nothing in this world comes for free. If a service is offering you something for free, they may be monetizing it from some other sources.

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