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Review of: osTicket

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On July 7, 2016
Last modified:July 7, 2016


osTicket support system is one of the most used open source support ticket system. Customers will be able to send their queries via web forms, phone calls, and e-mail.

If you are running an online business then you need to use an efficient support ticket system which will help you in providing a better web customer support.  There are a lot of support system programs which you can use to answer all the queries asked by your customers and one of the best support system which you can use is osTicket.

osTicket support system is one of the widely used support ticketing system. Once you have installed this system on your website, your customers will be able to send their queries via web forms, phone calls, and e-mail. There are a lot of amazing features and tools available in this system which you can find out by checking the osTicket review.


osTicket is available for free. The service is spread wide across 175 countries and is already installed on more than a million websites. There are two editions available of this web ticketing system which are self-hosted and cloud hosted (Paid). If you know about servers and are good in managing websites then you can go for the self-hosted plan of osTicket web ticketing system. If you are a newbie and want to get everything managed by the professionals then you can use the cloud hosted the edition. In the free version, you have to manually do the osTicket install whereas in cloud hosted, osTicket will be managed by the professionals.

Features of osTicket System

To make this osTicket review more useful, let’s check out the features which you get in this IT Ticketing tools.

osticket support ticket system

Custom Fields


There is an option to create as much as custom fields you want to create in osTicket system. With the custom fields option, you can add custom forms, lists along with fields in different web tickets. The best thing about custom fields is customization as you can customize it as per your business requirements. Custom Fields will also help you in providing better custom support to your users.

Rich Text HTML


osTicket comes with rich text HTML editor. Not only this helps in providing a better user interface to the users but also will help you in branding your product to your customers. You can add your logo to make the automatic responses more impressive. When you are responding to a ticker, you can insert videos as well as pictures in it.

Ticket Filters


The ticket Filters feature comes into play for managing all the support tickets. You can easily route all the tickets by filtering them. There are different actions which you can set using the ticket filters option such as automatic department assignment, ticket rejection and sending canned responses. You just have to define a certain set of rules which will help in routing the incoming tickets to the desired departments. This will help you in saving a lot of time.

Help Topics


There is an option to create help topics for the web tickets. With the help topics feature, you will be able to design forms to add additional information.

Agent Collision Avoidance

agent collision

Agent Collision Avoidance will assign the lock to the ticket as soon as it has been opened by an agent. This will ensure that two agents are not working on a single ticket. The ticket will be locked for the time it is being solved by the current agent. As the ticket is locked, other agents won’t be able to respond it. This removes the possibility of dual responses.

Assign and Transfer


If you want to transfer a ticket to another department then assign and transfer feature will come into play. There is an option in this IT ticketing tools which can be used to assign the ticket to a different department to deliver the best support. The department where you will forward the ticket will get noted in the logs section which will help you in keeping a track of the entire process.

Auto Responder


You can configure the automatic reply which you want to send to the customer as soon as a ticket is issued. You can customize auto responders for different departments as per their help topics which are covered by that department.

Internal Notes

Internal Notes will help the staff members in managing all the tickets efficiently. The activity log will keep track of all the actions and events which have taken place and who has managed those events.

Service Level Agreements

Using osTicket ticket system, you can create as much as service level agreements you want to create. You will be able to track all the tickers along with the due dates without any difficulty.

Customer Portal

Users are having the option to access all the tickets by using an e-mail address along with a ticket ID. There is no need to create an account in order to submit a ticket on the portal. All the tickets which you send or are solved are achieved.

osTicket Reports

With the osTicket reports feature you will get reports of all the tickets which were received, solved according to different departments & help topics. There is also an option to download the reports and export them.

Pricing and Plans

You can use osTicket by signing up for the trial plan. The trial plan can be accessed for a period of 30 days after which you have to upgrade to the cloud hosted or paid plan. There are three packages available in the paid plan of this web ticketing system which are basic, standard and premium. The basic plan is available for $9 per month, standard plan is available for $12 per month and you can get the premium plan for $16 per month.

Free Download osTicket

We hope that our review of osTicket helped you in understanding all the features which are offered by this support system. osTicket is really a good option for people who want to provide the best customer support to their users. Let us know which plan you opted for this awesome support system service and also share your views about it using the comments section below.

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