How to make money with Facebook

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We all use Facebook to connect with our friends and family members. Most of us think that Facebook is just another social networking website where we can stay connected with our friends, but only a few know that one can make good amount of money using Facebook.

Recently Facebook introduced Facebook offer feature which helped a lot of bloggers, online marketers, bloggers and companies. With the help of Facebook offer features one can easily make money on Facebook. If you are running an E-commerce company you can offer discounts and coupon codes to the customers and fans of your Facebook page. If you are not familiar with Facebook offer and are wondering how you will be able to earn money from Facebook you can have a look at our detailed guide.

Making Money with Facebook

How to Setup Facebook Offer for Fans

Creating Facebook offer is very easy and is as simple as creating a new status update. All you have to do is open the fan page for which you want to create the Facebook offer. Make sure that you have logged in using the admin privileges. Once you have opened the page, you have to click on Offer option and you will see drop down menu. From the drop down menu you have to select Event+ option.

There is an option to choose online offer and you can use your affiliate link or discount code here as it will help the fans of your Facebook fan page. As we all know that everyone loves discounts and coupon codes, you will be able to make money on Facebook easily using Facebook offer.

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If you are not having any coupon code given by the affiliate program or you have embedded the coupon code directly in a link then you can simply skip the coupon code part. In this case you can directly mention the affiliate link.

Once done, click Next and now you have some work to do. You have to enter a headline with a limit of 90 characters with an image. Make sure that the image which you are going to use is able to bring maximum interaction and is having a lot of clickable offer lines.

Setting Budget

With Facebook edge rank, any status update which you are going to post won’t reach to all the users. Here the sponsored posts of Facebook come into action. You can take help of the sponsored posts feature and then set a budget for the offer or status update which you are planning to boost to Facebook users.

There is no compulsion in sponsoring the posts and spending money as if you are having good amount on traffic on your Facebook fan page you will be able to generate leads automatically. If you are not having enough money then you can spend minimum budget of $10.The advantage of setting the budget is that you will be able to see the estimated reach while you are setting budget on your Facebook fan page.

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Click on the share option and the offer which you just created will become live on timelines of your Facebook fans. If your fan loves the offer, he can simply click on Claim option and find out what is there in the offer. This is how you will be able to make money on Facebook.

As soon as a fan clicks on Claim option, they will get e-mail notifications along with other details which will help you in making the offer more effective. If your offer is interesting there is a chance that your fans share the offer with their friends and help you to make money on Facebook. You can also check the total number of claims that have been made to the offer.

Making Facebook Offers more Beneficial and Lucrative

Now we know that we can easily earn money from Facebook. Facebook is having a lot of opportunities for product websites, E-commerce which helps one in making money via Facebook pages. Bloggers and online marketers can offer different products like memberships, ebooks or they can simply take help of affiliate marketing to generate more leads and make money on Facebook.

This is how you can easily earn money from Facebook. How are your making money from Facebook? What strategies are you following? Let us know using the comments section below.

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