WPEngine Review : Fast and Secure Managed WordPress Web Hosting

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WPEngine is a fairly new web hosting company and its promise of rendering fast, reliable, secure as well as scalable hosting services has made it a very popular option in such a short span. Needless to say, the focus of WPEngine is on WordPress hosting and it makes a great effort in providing support and assistance to all bloggers and website owners regarding all hosting- related issues that they may face. The WPEngine team is hands- on providing adequate maintenance and in keeping the services up to date.

WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review

The WPEngine web hosting company was started by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe in Austin, Texas in the year 2011. Today this WordPress web hosting service has multi- million customers to its credit with a commendable number of its users from the WordPress area itself!! Here, I’m going to share a details review about WPEngine, the best managed wordpress hosting.

WPEngine’s Uptime

As it is mentioned in the Terms of Service of WPE, they offer 100 percent uptime guarantee to all users. In fact, for every downtime hour that their users will experience, they will be crediting 5 percent of their monthly bill!!

Multi- location data centers

The data centers of WPEngine are setup across 3 different cities, namely London, Texas as well as Tokyo. They also provide all their users with the option to select the data center of their choice based on their ease and physical location.

One of the perks of using WPEngine is that customers can, at any point of time, switch from their current data center to a new one without the need of making any changes to their original web hosting plan.

Creating clone using WPEngine

Users also have the option to create complete clones of their websites while using WPE so that they can conduct backstage testing. It also enables them to download their complete database whenever there is a need to do so.

Responsive Customer Support

The customer support, also known as the Support Garage, is the backbone of WPEngine. All required information regarding the functioning of WPE can be gathered from there. The telephone support of WPE is available to all users from 9am to 6pm local time.

With a staff that is often referred as WordPress Experts, there are also discrete password- protected- ticketing system available whose entry is made accessible through several sources, such as Facebook login, Google account, email address, Twitter account.

Control Panel of WPEngine

Commonly known control panels like Plesk and cPanel does not work for WPE and most of the site administration work is done through the WordPress dashboard. WPE also offers a secondary custom control panel known as User Portal. Creating backups, redirections and adding brand new WordPress installs are some of its functionalities.

Advantages of WPEngine web hosting

WPEngine web hosting service has carved a niche for itself in the web hosting industry and looking at the fact that it has only been a few years since its conception, we can say that it is certainly a reliable as well as secure web hosting that we can get for our WordPress websites and blogs.

Some of the advantages of using WPEngine web hosting are listed below :


Fast speed is one of the perks of being associated with WPEngine. This hosting service has its data centres set up at several different locations which provides all users with the choice to use it from their current location. This is helpful in leveraging closer proximity as well as the presence of multi- server clusters, a CDN (content delivery network) as well as a tremendously fast hardware with in – RAM caching will make your website’s pages to load much faster than usual!

Managed WordPress hosting

What has really worked wonders for WPEngine is its capability to focus on a single WordPress solution. WPE is not at all diversified or distracted by managing multiple products at the same time and its extended singularity in function has made it look like a serious web hosting company out of the lot! WPEngine has been giving tough competition to its counterparts due to its 100 percent compatibility with WordPress. It has also managed to maintain its worth by keeping up with all the recent releases of WordPress and the fact that it can handle MYSQL 5 as well as PHP 5 very well has also helped in increasing its fan- following to a very large extent.

Security and Reliability

WPEngine has never over- exaggerated its capabilities when it comes to providing web hosting services and its way of custom- building and tuning all websites individually has worked in its favour. This also ensures that all the websites hosted by WPEngine are reliable as well as secure as compared to others.

Protection against site crashes

WPE very neatly puts a cap on some of its plugins which reduces the chances of all possible conflicts across those plugins. This is a very helpful activity which ensures that you never lose the control over your website due to accidental site crashes and other such mishaps.

Regular backups

Irrespective of the WPEngine web hosting plan that you are using, you will be provided with daily backups (copies of which are retained for 60 days) as well as 1-click restore points on your WordPress website. This is a great way of ensuring that your hosted sites are never down.

Hassle- free cancellation

WPE comes with 60- day money- back guarantee and if by any chance you are not satisfied with its services, you will get your entire money back without any hassles.

WPEngine Hosting Plans

All the hosting plans from WPE offer unlimited bandwidth to its users.

Personal Plan: The most basic plan which includes one WordPress installation instance with visits capped at 25,000 per month.

Professional Plan: A maximum of 10 installations and visits capped at 100,000 per month. It is bundled with a CDN service and speeds up the page loading.

Business Plan: Up to 25 installations are allowed with visits capped at 400,000 per month. It comes with a choice to include a dedicated IP Address.

Verdict Conclusion

WPEngine is a reliable, fast as well as highly- functional WordPress hosting service. If you want to host your WordPress website then you should definitely go with WPEngine.

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