Essential Blog Investment for Every Blogger

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Gone are the days when people used to consider blogging as other part time job. A lot of full time bloggers have emerged in the past and people are using blogging as their professional job. If you are thinking seriously about blogging should be ready to make investments. If you are not investing in your blog there is rarely a chance that you will be able to make thousands of dollars each month from your blog. You can invest on different things for your blog but today we are going to share the essential blog investment which every blogger should do for his/her blog to become a successful blogger.


Domain name and web hosting

The two most important things you need for creating a blog are web hosting and domain name. You should always use a premium domain instead of a free one for your new blog. A lot of features are not available with free domain names and if you ask me personally I wouldn’t visit a website using a free domain name. A domain name costs around $10 for a year.

The next thing which you should care about is getting a good web hosting. It is very important that you go for a good web hosting as if you are using poor web hosting it might lead to downtimes, poor customer support, DDOS attacks and much more. You can go for some of the reputed web hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage. A lot of web hosting companies also offer free domain names with their hosting packages so do a little research before you get yours.

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One should always invest on the design of a blog. Looks matter a lot let be it a girl or your blog. A blog with good web design will definitely get a lot of attention as compared to the ones which lack a good web design. You can invest in premium themes for your WordPress blog. You can use Themeforest for buying some of the best premium wordpress themes or you can simply hire a web designer and get a design as per your needs done.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are having good design of your blog, you have written a lot of articles but your website is not optimized, your blog won’t get traffic. Invest some amount monthly on search engine optimization which will help you in getting backlinks to your blog which will in return increase the traffic to your website. You can also promote your website on social media as a lot of readers engage on social media and it takes a minute to things go viral on Facebook, Twitter and for that you can hire a social media expert for your blog. Hire a SEO executive who can do both on page and off page SEO optimization of your blog.

Social Bookmarking Marketing

Social bookmarking of all the posts which you publish on your blog is very important. Social Bookmarking marketing is one of the most essential blog investment which you should do for your blog. Your posts will be shared on social bookmarking websites along with social media and your links will be promoted here. It is one of the best ways using which you can easily get referral traffic on your website. You can also try Facebook marketing if you know a thing or two about PPC.

These are the essential blog investment that every Blogger should definitely do. Once you have invested in your blog it won’t take long when you can earn a lot of money in exchange from your blog.

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