List of Quality Guest Posting Sites and Guest Blogging Guide in 2019

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Blogging is not a new word, and many of us must be familiar with this.  It is a convenient way to reach to a large number of audiences and share your views or products with them. In the context of blogging, another popular word is guest blogging. Content marketing experts find guest blogging as a perfect plan for your content marketing.

Guest Posting Sites

If you haven’t started guest blogging to promote your blog at different platforms, then it is time for you. In this post, we will tell you about the guest blogging, its benefit, and its importance and a quality list of guest posting sites.

What is Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is actually a practice of posting your blog or article on others’ website in order to increase traffic of the website and to attract more readers to your content.  If you think that why should you post your best article on others’ blog and bring more traffic on others’ website then give a break to your thoughts and read this article further to get the answers to your questions.

Guest blogging is a proven way to increase traffic on the blog. Many brands used this tactic effectively to promote their business and products. Guest blogging works as a door to door marketing for both the writer and the website owner.  When you write a guest post, you pick a valued website and post your content on that. As a guest blogger, you can use the link of your website or product in your blog so that the readers can have a look at your website as well. So, we can say that guest blogging is an easy and sure-shot formula of marketing in the virtual world of the internet.

Is Guest Blogging Beneficial

Guest blogging is a great tool to grow your online business and take to another level. This is the reason that guest blogging is much famous now. If you want to write a guest blog but not sure about its benefits then here we will clear all your doubts about it.

  • Guest blogging is a great way to blogging relationship. But this will not be possible only with a single guest blog. When you write a blog for other website and allow others to write on your website, then you immediately get some high traffic but to bring continuity in the numbers of visitors on your guest blog or website, you will have to be consistent with the guest blogs and blogging.
  • We all follow a unique pattern of writing. When we chose guest blogging, then we actually challenge our writing skills and test them if the readers with a different mindset will like it or not? Guest blogging gives you a larger platform to check your writing skills.
  • Guest blogging is one of the popular ways of online branding. Once your guest blog is published, the new visitors get exposed to your business. Listing your business in guest blogs at different platforms increases its brand value.
  • You cannot ignore the importance of backlinks in Google’s world. The domain authority is based on backlinks, and you can easily get them or create them with guest blogging. Backlinks get your blog more visitors and increase its popularity.

These points must be enough to tell you the importance of guest blogging and to make you understand why you should go for this option to make your blog popular. Now let’s know about the effective guest blogging strategy.

Effective Guest Blogging Strategy

Guest blogging is not easy, and it needs dedication, efforts and the right strategy to create the magic. Many guest bloggers have faced failure in their first attempt of guest blogging, and many have become from part-time content writer to a full-time freelancer by writing the guest blogs only. The selection of the right strategy is the only difference between both types of writers.

So, here we have compiled about a few points that you need to keep in mind while writing the guest post for any website.

  • When you chose a website to write a guest blog for then, you need to check if the existing content of the site engages the audience or not? You can check it by reading the comment of the readers.
  • While choosing a blog to offer your guest blogging services check if their owners share the existing blog or not. If the existing blogs of the website are have not shared by the owner then maybe your guest blog will not be shared; hence it could not reach to a large number of audience.
  • You really work hard for writing a guest blog post but to get the benefit from it, create an impressive bio of yours and ask the website owner to use it with your guest blog.
  • An interesting and original blog is the key to attracting more audience to your post so be original.


Here is the list of quality guest posting sites in different niches that accept guest blogging. We sorted them by their niche and domain authority.

SEO – Digital Marketing – Blogging- Social Media Blogs:

Social Media Today – Become a Contributor – Domain Authority: 80

Social Media Examiner – Write for Social Media Examiner – Domain Authority: 80

MarketingProfs – Write for MarketingProfs – Domain Authority: 74

ProBlogger – Guest Posts at ProBlogger – Domain Authority: 61

Copyblogger – Guest Post Guidelines – Domain Authority: 78

ShoutMeLoud – Submit Guest post – Domain Authority: 69

Daily Blog Tips – Guest Post Guidelines – Domain Authority: 68

Outbrain – Guest Blogging Guidelines – Domain Authority: 71

Content Marketing Institute – Blogging Guidelines – Domain Authority: 76

SEO Hacker – Submit a Guest Post – Domain Authority: 57

GetResponse – Write for us – Domain Authority: 81

Post Planner – Become a Guest Blogger – Domain Authority: 58

Technology Blogs:

Mashable – Submit News or Tip to Mashable – Domain Authority: 92

Wired – Contribute to Wired – Domain Authority: 93

Engadget – Contribute – Domain Authority: 93

Tech Crunch – Contribute – Domain Authority: 93

The Next Web – Contributor – Domain Authority: 91

Digital Inspiration – Write for Digital Inspiration – Domain Authority: 78

ReadWrite – Contributor guidelines – Domain Authority: 75

Smashing Magazine  – Write for us – Domain Authority: 91

Hongkiat – Write For Us – Domain Authority: 83

Making Different – Write for us – Domain Authority: 60

Iamwire – Become a Guest Contributor – Domain Authority: 56

TechLila – Write For Us – Domain Authority: 46


Hope this guide gives you a clear picture of what exactly guest blogging can do for you. Do apply this strategy and see the difference for yourself.

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