InMotion Hosting Review – Pros and Cons

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Review of: InMotion Hosting

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On July 5, 2016
Last modified:July 5, 2016


InMotion is the famous web hosting company that has been offering its quality services for years. It's reliable servers and knowledgeable support team.

Whether you want to take your business online or want to start blogging, you need a website. And, when it comes to run a website you need a domain name and a web host that offers you storage and other settings that are required to run a website. Of course, you have to pay for all these services.

There are many web hosting companies available online and to name a few Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost, and others. One of the big names in the industry is InMotion Hosting, which offers robust and reliable services to its customers.

InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting Review

I have been checking out and asking my friends about their experience with various web hosting companies, and to my surprise, most of the InMotion hosting users are quite satisfied with services that they get from them. I am not saying that others are bad, but I found most satisfied customers with InMotion. Read my honest review on InMotion to know more about this hosting providers.

Why their customers are so happy?

To find out the answer, let’s dive deep into knowing more about InMotion Web Hosting.

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion is the famous web hosting company that has been offering its quality services for years. It’s reliable servers and knowledgeable support team have earned so much trust from people around the web. The best thing about them is that they use very high-quality hardware and high-performance servers to ensure the quality services to its customers.

A few days ago, I was checking my friend’s blog that is hosted on InMotion hosting, for server response time using Google Page Speed Tool, and I have noticed that its server response time is very quick.

WordPress-Optimized Web Hosting

Page speed is an important factor as Google now considers page speed for ranking websites.

Pros of InMotion Hosting

Server Performance

InMotion uses high-performance servers, and that is why the websites hosted with them are served with high quality. They maintain 99.99% uptime which is great.

I have already talked about its speed that it responds quickly and due to that websites load faster, and user experience improves.

InMotion says that they don’t fill the server’s storage 100% as when the storage is filled completely, a little bit of traffic spikes can make many websites down. That is the reason; they keep some vacant space, so that when some websites’ traffic increases, the server handles it well.


Cpanel is the best control panel I ever worked with. There many web hosting companies out there that don’t offer Cpanel because they have their own dedicated Control Panel. But, there is nothing better than Cpanel when it comes to controlling everything from the backend.

InMotion offers Cpanel that you can use to manage the whole website from the backend.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you have booked hosting with InMotion for longer term (at least for 6 months), you are eligible for their unmatched 90 days money back guarantee.

That means, if you are not satisfied with its services, you can initiate a cancellation request within 90 days, and your money will be refunded to you.

Free Data Backup and Restore

Data backup is important because nothing is secured on World Wide Web. You never know when your site is hacked, or you accidently press the delete button. In such situation, the only backup of your site can save you from the damage.

Though, taking backup regularly on your own is recommended InMotion does take automatic backup of your site as well. You can request your site’s backup whenever you need that. Most of the web hosting companies charge some amount for retrieving the backup. But, with InMotion, you don’t need to pay a penny to retrieve the backup.

24×7 Live Chat Support

Nowadays, web hosting companies offer 24×7 live chat service. Mostly you will find that there is along wait time to talk to the support. But, when we talk about InMotion, their 24×7 live chat is very responsive, and you don’t need to wait for much. However, you need to wait in peak hours.

These are some special Pros of InMotion hosting. However, there are many other Pros as well that you will come to know when you start using them.

Cons of InMotion Hosting


If you get the best service, paying few extra bucks is completely fine. But, if you are just starting out on a tight budget and you get the same services from some other company at thecomparatively lower price then why would you get a costly hosting?

InMotion- hosting-plans

Though, InMotion hosting offers best services it is quite costly as well. So, not everyone can afford it.

Exclusive Bonus : Get up to 250$ advertising credits with InMotion business hosting plan. 

I don’t find any other Con in this fantastic web hosting company. If you are using it and have problems with some of its services, do share those cons with us in comments.

Final Verdict

InMotion is awell-respected web hosting company in the web hosting arena. It has been offering excellent services to its customers for long.

I would recommend you go with InMotion if you can afford premium services. No matter how costly it is, it delivers the best services in the industry, and that is the reason, they have more number of happy customers as compared to other hosting companies.

Note: They have a coupon page where you can find some good discount offers on all plans.

Still thinking?

Not able to decide?

Research more about them, and also visit their website to know more about them and their services.

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