Top 10 ways to make money from blogging

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Who doesn’t want to make some extra money, after all our day jobs never pay enough. With the growing trend of internet marketing and online blogging making money online has become a much simpler job than it was a few years back. But whatsoever be the matter it’s not the cup of tea for everybody. This article outlines the 10 simple methods of make money from blogging.


First of all you should know specifically a few things before you start off this project of yours. The most important fact is that there are a lot of people, a lot of websites and a lot of blogs that take advantage of this craving of yours to fool you and earn money from you. They give flashy advertisements to lure you to a trap where you will find yourself paying more money than earning. So first and foremost do not get fooled by them.

So the question again arises how to make money? The simper ways are always the most difficult one so opt for the difficult ones. Following are the most paying methods of making money online if you have a blog.

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Google Adsense is the most popular money making way to earn from your blog. Most bloggers go for it to earn a good passive income. If your blog has good quality and you are following google adsense policies strictly then you can earn good amount of money from your blog using adsense.

Amazon Associate

This is another popular way to earn from your blogs. In this method, as the name suggests you become an associate of the online marketing website Amazon. You advertise some Amazon products on your blog and if someone clicks on the advertisement and buys the products you get paid in return. Many bloggers around the world earning thousands of dollar each month from Amazon associate program.

Other Affiliate Programs

It is somewhat similar to Amazon. If your marketing effort or advertisement in your blog leads anyone to buy some product or service from some website than you are entailed to some percentage of the earning. This is a simple method and pays well if the blog has interesting content i.e. a large number of hits.

Direct Advertisement

Advertisement is the most quickly growing field of earning these days. In this method you can simply sell your ad space to the advertisers and get paid in return via PayPal or some other means. In this mode no commission is taken away from you by some other broker website. It’s just point to point business relationship. But your blog must have quality and good traffic to attract advertisers.

Publish Reviews

In this way of earning through a blog you publish reviews of books, movies or songs and get paid in return. Such payment is only received by blogs that have a very wide viewership. Such blogs are celebrated blogs and they earn a lot of money.

Professional Blogger

If you can write well you can always become a professional blogger. You can write professionally for people who pay well. Travel writers are examples of such writers. Their blog advertise some specific hotel or restaurant and they get paid in return by the hotel/restaurant.

Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise on blogs is also a growing trend. If you have something which you want to sell you can always sell it through you blog and get good money for it.

Become Creative

Think about numerous creative content that you can sell in your blog. If you are a designer you can always sell your designed images and vectors in your blog. Also if you are a photographer or a painter you can sell you paintings and photos through your blog.

Become a developer

If you have great programming skills you can always become a developer of any kind. Ranging from websites to application you can develop any kind of IT resources and sell them through your own blog. Such softwares sell at a great price in the online markets. They also give a reputation to the developers giving them opportunity to get themselves associated with the software giant companies worldwide.


It can be easily said that the world of blogging is far wider than we have imagined and there are a thousand perks that we still don’t know about. Also there are a thousand different ways to earn if you know exactly when and how to work. Simply, blogging is not just a passion it can also be your profession, you just have to know the HOW!

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