Top 10 SEO Tips to optimize Your Blog Posts

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Every blogger wants his blog to be famous. Reasons are obvious. First who doesn’t like fame second more the number of hits to your blog the more you earn through advertisements.  There are a thousand different ways by which you can get more traffic for your blog the crudest of them being methods like calling your friends and asking them to visit your page. But these methods are of no good because you cannot call thousands of people. Therefore some different methods must be implemented. People who browse the internet for content basically use the search engines (Google, ask, Bing) to land to WebPages with the required data. There are thousands of pages which provide similar data but only selective WebPages come as the first page search results of the search engines and most of the times only those page are visited. Therefore it is important that your blog comes to the few first pages of the search engine results. The process of optimizing your blog to come forward in the search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The following are the basic SEO tips to optimize Your Blog Posts you should follow:

Tips to optimize Your Blog Posts

Before you go through these tips you should know that there are two types of seo techniques to boost your rank. One is on-page which should be done inside your web pages and other one is off page which is otherwise known as link building.

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If you are using wordpress platform then I would suggest you to go for yoast or all in one seo plugins for optimizing your pages. So some steps to follow for better optimization.

Better headlines with keywords

Use of better headlines and some basic keywords in the headlines can boost your blog’s search engine ranking drastically. The headlines and the titles of the pages therefore must be chosen very carefully.

High quality images with alt tags

The use of high quality images with alt tags always helps to boost the search engine rankings. You have to use your main keyword in alt tags of the image.

Keyword in domain names

Keywords in the domain names are the most simple and most effective use in SEO process. For example if you have a blog which tells  about which mobile phones to buy, therefore having the keywords such as mobile, phone, buy etc in the domain name itself can dramatically change the position of the blog in the search results.

Keyword in post URL

This also is a similar method. In this you have the URL’s names in such a way that they contain certain specific keywords. Those keywords can be intelligently decided upon and used to improve the search engine ranking of your blog.

Interlinking of all your posts

Interlinking of all your post is also very helpful in on page seo. The more the number of back links the more is your blog’s search engine rating. Also it is advisable to link your websites to some well known websites and not to spam websites this also helps to boost your blog’s SERP.

Decrease page size

Decreasing page size and keeping it below 100 kb is advisable for good seo. Search engines always love blogs having good loading speed.

W3 total cache wordpress plug-in

There are plug-in available that optimizes your page in such a manner that it becomes well rated in the search engine algorithms. One of such plug-ins is the w3 total cache. It is a plug-in available to the word press users. You can always use such plug-in for search engine optimization. These plugins boost up the speed of your site.

Effective use of <h1><h2> Tags

Try to use <h1><h2> tags in your posts and use keywords in sub headings which will increase your seo score. Another tips is to make bold of your main keywords and maintain keyword density around 1-2%. Never overuse it.

Share blog posts on social networking sites

After lots of algorithm changes by Google SEO experts now concentrate on social media campaigns for better rankings. Those sites who has better exposure in facebook, Google plus and twitter obviously get authority in Google’s eye. So never underestimate the power of social media.

Use creative content

According to Google content is king. If you are updating your blog regularly with good quality unique content then there is a major chance of getting high ranking in Google. Always remember your content should be written for the audience not for search engines.

As you would have understood there are many ways for the search engine optimization for your blog. If you want your blog to become famous you will have to go through all these steps because fame to these blogs only comes via the route of search engines. Till then, happy blogging!

After implementing all the on page techniques should do link building also which is really important for ranking your sites higher in the search engine.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing a good post on SEO. As we know that SEO is the most powerful technique to get a good rank in search engine result. Everyone should get to know about these tips. Really helpful and informative tips.
    Keep sharing your valuable knowledge with the readers.

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    Daniel Palmier

    • Hi Daniel Palmier,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your valuable feedback. Always, I’m trying to give the best to readers. If anyone follow these tips carefully, they will get good result on SEO.
      Hope to see you again.


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