7 Way to Get Massive Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog

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If you think Facebook is only for social interaction and gossip then you are wrong. Surprised!!! Okay let me clarify if you are a blog owner then you can use Facebook platform effectively to drive massive traffic to your blog and in return earn a good amount of money. To build massive traffic you have to work hard and use Facebook wisely. Following discussion will help you to assist your requirement. This article covers complete guidelines which can help both beginners and advanced users to drive massive traffic from facebook.


#1 First step is to create a good genuine profie

At first aim should be made for creating Facebook account. To get started at first you need to create a Facebook account, to do so redirect to www.facebook.com and create your account or if you have an existing account you can directly create a fan page for your blog. Provided that your blog’s name and fan page’s name must be same. To make your goal get going make sure that the created profile must include information in support to your blog. Facebook is used as a tool to build massive traffic in support to your blog, so to initiate the foremost thing is to make Facebook friends at will.

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Next step is to give profile and cover photo to your fan page which represents your blog. Provide a short description about your blog in description box. Next thing is to add your blog’s address in info and select appropriate category for your page.

#2 Invite friends and share your fan page

After creating a fan page next thing is to invite all friends to like your page and stay connected. When someone likes your page, he or she will get a feed when you will share your posts in your page and when the person will like your post, then the person’s friends will get a feed too. The possibility increases that the person’s friends will also like your posts and fan page. This will definitely lead you to build massive traffic to your blog. Other way is to send your friends messages or say them to share it with their friends. Do all activities sensibly. Otherwise it will be detected or reported as spamming.

Some points to remember while sharing posts on fan page

Follow these guidelines to get maximum benefits from your fan page.

Use Images of Larger Size with shortened link:

It’s preferable to post a bigger image in your posts. A shorter link with a bigger image is more likely to draw attention for viewers.

Short posts:

Viewers get more engaged to short posts with simple and friendly words.

Role of questions:

Asking questions will help to interact with the viewers. But questions asked must be related to your blog.

Avoid use of Links with normal posts:

It’s advisable not to use links along with normal post as it may create a wrong impact on viewer that may interpret that the blog is used only for promotion purpose.

Try to ask for suggestions:

Doing so it creates an interest in viewers mind.

Initiate Contest on your blog and Share it on Facebook:

Initiating a contest on your blog will boost for generating traffic. Generating a Giveaways or contents on your blog and sharing the same on fan page will work as likes to your post.

Role of Videos:

Video format of any kind of information related to your blog will add salt to your blog; this will create an interest in visitors mind so that they will visit your blog at keen.

Contents of other Blogs must be shared on your Fan Page:

Sharing information of other bloggers helps in increase of user involvement on your page, try to share useful information definitely this will help your blog.

#3 Join in Groups or Create a Group of your own

Take an initiative step to look for various groups related to your preferred blog’s topic and join in those groups and willingly participate in conversations going on in those groups. In worst case if you are not able to find your required Facebook group in support you have to create a group and start posting your blog into it.

#4 Share your blog posts in your fan page

If you post in your blog, share the post in your fan page. You can view on left side of your page that shows “Status” and “Photo/Video” tab. Now click status and share the link of your blog’s post with short description in the blank box status further you can add photo or video as you desire just click on “Photo/Video” tab and add it. Keep your description short and appealing so that users can show engagement.

#5 Try to link your other Accounts to Your Facebook Profile and Page

Various tools are available that will help to build an excellent Facebook profile and/or page that helps to drive traffic directly or indirectly to your blog, you can add tools like feed from Twitter and contents of SlideShare to your preferred Facebook profile or page. You will be notified with updates in your status stream which can be viewed by your friends.

#6 Promote Your Facebook Link and Be Active

In order to promote your blog just include your link of Facebook at your blog’s sidebar or you can use it as email signature so that people can send friend request. Being active is what that will help you to build massive traffic. Maintain good relationship with your friends in Facebook that will help you to grow your blog’s visitors.

#7 Place a Facebook Ad

The best way to make your blog traffic loaded is by posting ads which is efficient for your Facebook page. For an effective massive traffic drive only a financially strong or an established blogger can use the source of posting ad.

Now you don’t have to depend only on search engines for organic traffic rather use social media platforms effectively to drive viral traffic to your blogs.

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